Rental Guide and FAQs

Your Rental Requirements

  • You must be 25 or older.
  • You must hold an unrestricted license, not a Graduated Driver’s License.
  • Our Rental Agreement outlines all or our rates, terms and conditions. Any other details must be made note of on the Renter and Office Copy.
  • Your rental vehicle is for your use only. They cannot be re-rented, used as a limousine or a taxi for hire.
Talk to us about what you need so we can match the best vehicle and terms to your requirements.

Extra Kilometres

Things can change in your travel itinerary, we understand.

If you know in advance and need more kilometres, let us know and we can help reduce the total cost by adjusting the rate in advance to accommodate your expected driving.

We do our best to discuss your intended use while we are booking your rental, but sometimes even perfect plans can change. If you drive more than the kilometres on your rental agreement, there is a per kilometre charge that is added on.

Glass and Tires

In Western Canada, we use gravel to improve traction in the winter. This puts your windshield and tires are at high risk for damage during normal driving. Should you have a flat, it needs to be replaced with the same tire brand and model.

If your windshield becomes chipped, you can have it repaired and sealed. If cracked, it needs to be replaced with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or equivalent part and it is the responsibility of the renter.

Navigation, Satellite Radio, Wi-Fi and GPS

Our Rental Fleet is available in different trim levels, with upper levels that may offer navigation, satellite radio, built-in WiFi or GPS. If these are features you require, let us know and we will do our best match you with the right rental.

Wood Rentals offers “Road Ready” fleet vehicles. All of our rental fleet is equipped with phone ready connections to allow your Google Maps to work in the Rental Unit. If you require specific equipment or add-ons, we may be able to upgrade the rental vehicle equipment with an adjustment to your rental rate.

Tell us what you plan to do in advance and we can discuss options and products available.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in all Wood Rental vehicles. This includes cigarettes, vaping, pipes, Cigars or any type of smoking.

If your rental smells of smoke when it’s returned, we will need to have the odor removed and you could face additional fees.

Cleaning Expectations

Western Canada can surprise us with all sorts of weather changes and messy roads. Our rental attendants will do their best to remove an evidence from the last renters. If you notice your vehicle does not meet your cleanliness expectations, please let us know right away. We would like to make things right as quickly as possible.

If you return your rental vehicle with stains or excessive dirt, you may be charged a fee to return the vehicle to the appropriate level of cleanliness.

Pets and animal hair are a problem for many people due to allergies. Pets are only allowed if in a kennel or a transport carrier. If there is pet hair or animal evidence please be aware there will be additional cleaning fees.

If in doubt, consult with us to help avoid any surprises after your rental.

Trailer Hitches

Most of our trucks will have factory-installed trailer hitches.

If you intend to tow a trailer of any kind, you need to notify us. There are many factors involved when towing a trailer. We will make every effort to offer the appropriate vehicle for your use, but if you tow a trailer with our rented vehicle, you do so at your own risk. You will be liable for any damages to your trailer, the rental vehicle, other vehicles or yourself.

Tell us what you are planning to do, we are happy to answer your questions or discuss your requirements.


Wood Rentals commercial customers work in all areas of our province. Not all of your projects and work are on fresh paved asphalt, we get it. If you do happen to cause some damage, it will be the responsibility of the renter.

When we discuss your rental requirements, tell us where you plan to drive. We will do our best to match your rental vehicle to the job you need. Our Heavy Duty rentals will have grip tires.

Remember that the rental is your responsibility, any damage, cleaning or reconditioning will be passed along to you.

Speeding and Parking Tickets

Someone is always watching you. Speed and parking tickets can happen, and the ticket is directed to the registered owner of the vehicle.

We will let you know if any charges arrive while our vehicle was on rent to you. Any charges that occur while our rental vehicle was in your care will be charged to your credit card. This will also apply to any road tolls or fees that are from your rental period.

If our vehicle is impounded or towed while under your care, these charges will also be passed on and charged to your account.

Changing Your Rental

In our world today, your business or personal needs can change on short notice. If you let us know, we will do our best to accommodate change requests, or timing changes.

With our rental fleet, we try to schedule our fleet for the best utilization possible, so we will always look for solutions to help. If for some reason you do not need a rental that was booked, please let us know right away.

Insurance Requirements

You must hold current vehicle insurance. Wood Rentals will contact your current insurer to verify your existing policy. We require our renters to have “Rental Coverage”. Most policies include an endorsement to cover rental vehicles, and if you do not have it, you can contact your insurer and add it on.

If for any reason there is an incident or accident, your insurance will be primary, which will allow you to not have to pay our high commercial deductible. Our Rental Agreement outlines all or our rates, terms and conditions.

Roadside Assistance

Every Wood Rental will have 24 hour Factory Roadside Assistance. This will be direct from the manufacturer, so if you have a flat tire or your vehicle is unsafe to drive or needs mechanical assistance, there is help available.

If you require help or roadside assistance, check your vehicles glove box for the manufacturer’s roadside assistance numbers. Be sure to use these numbers, rather than calling a tow service or other service providers directly.

Roadside Assistance will be the fastest way to get yourself back on the road again. In most cases, the 24-hour roadside assistance feature is free of charge. Your rental consultant will be able to assist in providing more information.

Where Can We Drive

Wood Auto Rentals is registered to operate in Alberta. Many of our clients have locations spread out across Western Canada and would like to travel between their locations.

You can drive anywhere in Canada, but cannot permanently leave one of our rental units outside of Alberta. If you plan to be outside of Alberta for longer than two weeks, let us know.

If you have any plans to travel to the U.S., you will need a permission letter to take our vehicle across the border. Some services such as roadside assistance may not be readily available everywhere, so we will go through these details with you in advance.

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